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Cheryl Hudson

Throughout my life, I’ve carried a sense of social justice. At the same time, going to school for science and math taught me to think logically and look for solutions. I started my career in finance and gradually worked my way up to managing the chequing account strategy for TD Bank Financial Group. But the need to make an impact was growing on me. 

I decided to join World Vision Canada as Director of Corporate Engagement, connecting corporations worldwide to causes that desperately needed their help. During those years, I’ve introduced and implemented the notions of strategic philanthropy and social ROI. With all the processes in place, almost a decade ago now, I ventured out on my own to probe a new untapped audience — high net worth families.


What we can do together


I say that philanthropic giving consists of three parts: heart, head, hand. Big hearts ignite the desire to start on this journey. In our heads, we think the decisions over and over—but hands are a place of action.


My role is to articulate your values and reach the place of your vision, by making the philanthropic investment of your lifetime.


I’m not here to impose my vision, but rather cultivate yours, provide direction and give actionable philanthropic advice. I can tell you that the feeling of seeing your contribution materialize and make an impact on the world is impossible to translate into words. And I’ve yet to meet a client who has not fulfilled their philanthropic desire by working with me. In fact, my true blessing is to hear them say, I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn’t for you.”


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